About this blog

Welome to my blog! Bwahaha. I blog about anime and manga, mainly pictures I found on the net, and maybe some other random stuff I find~~~

I''m more of a manga-reader than an anime-watcher, so yeah. My anime vocabulary isn't all that great.

Browse, comment, follow if you want :DDDDD

Feel free to browse this blog. It's nothing much, but I hope I will have time to update posts and add new mangas and turn it into a more lively blog.

I hope every visitor who comes here finds a picture they like ^^

*Important Disclaimer!!!* All images DO NOT BELONG TO ME!!! They are taken from Google Images, Konachan.net , Zerochan.net, International Saimoe, and many other websites which I can't list. Thank you very much, owners of these pictures! <3

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